About Us

Why Desi Skills?

India is well sourced country in geographic and environment condition. Moreover, how most of the area is covered with water, likewise with villages also. Now a days it is very common that all villagers rushing to urban areas every day for their all kind of daily routine needs. Apart from this, people have a thought of all types of services and products are available only in urban areas.  In village areas only partial, even availed the quality of products also, those things are not up to mark. Recent days quality items which are not available in urban areas, those kind of products and services are available in rural areas. Presently many number of branded companies are looking ‘here and there’ to provide those services for rural areas.  In this kind of rigid circumstances, Desi Skills GK’s are proudly providing all kind of services and products to the rural people by get rid of their doubts and misunderstands. Apart from this we are not only restricted for the above. By transferring better knowledge, helping in getting good jobs for unemployed youths in their jurisdiction through Udyoga Sanjeevini portal which is our another proud mode of GKs. Stepping another step ahead, for the aspirants of self-employment people we are acting as channel to get loan minimum a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- through their regional Nationalized, cooperative and private banks under “Sugrama Loan Scheme” which provides attractive and affordable interest rates. These loans are never feels costly for them, and people will become financially well fitted and social as well.

How different we are from others?

  • In view of administration, we are generating minimum 15,000 jobs across the state.
  • Transferring well/good knowledge and other skills to the rural people and youths.
  • Creating direct network to 6024 Grama Panchayaths and their jurisdictional villages across Karnataka.
  • All kind of data will store under single platform.
  • Good market will create for crops and other agricultural products as well as good storage facility.
  • The import ratio will be decreased of food products from foreign countries.
  • Basic preference for regional talents.
  • Special support for National GDP by strengthening people financial, social and business sectors.
  • Domestic and International marketing for regional skills, cottage industries and other connected field also creating good market facility and many more..