From the time of human’s existence, people were depended only on sunlight for day and night. After sunset people are using artificial lighting for emergency purposes. As the day passes, human livelihood has been keep on changing in accordance his life style including special needs. And it will be updating for further also. In present busy schedule, people have extended their working time as round-the-clock. Even the situation also created like so. Specially, in competitive student’s life and on exam results the better lighting system is impacting more. Because of emergency of job, exceeded demography, environmental disaster present days people should work without calculating timing. To balance this situation one and only option and solution is that ‘Electricity power’. This human created artificial power will operate people’s daily routine things parallel to natural Sun power. When compare to natural power, the electricity power will not support all-the-time.

Usually rainy seasons, heavy wind and other bad situations of environment the electricity is not available for most of the duration. People have to spend lots of money for electricity maintenance, accessories and especially while paying monthly usage charges. This occurs disconnection also while non-payment. To avoid all the above things we have better option means which is the free gift of nature called as “Solar Products” the real fact as well.  These products will not demand for heavy production cost. We can generate this power by using less infrastructure, which is more effective than the power generating from water. This products will charge automatically from ‘sun light’ directly. And also have a dual mode option where we charge through electricity also. Generally, between raining season it demands for electricity charge. Apart, always charging through sunlight which is free of cost and very natural. The benefits are countless of the same, the important are hereunder.

  1. The specialties and better option for spending high cost
  2. These products will demand one-time-investments
  3. No monthly charges and bill payments.
  4. Minimum as well as less maintenance and repair charges.
  5. Compare to electricity accessories, the maintenance and repair chances are very less always.
  6. No need of additional wiring which is needless.
  7. Once charged through sunlight no electricity is required.
  8. The common places – where we can use.

Solar Lanterns:- These products are awarded as all-time favourite and better. The people who runs micro and middle business in night time, such as food canteens, small shops and other connected business people can use this with very less investment which are available in different size and designs.

Study Lamp:- Today’s student life is very effortful. After school and college timing, students should study only in night darkness. The better lighting will help them to come out from unnecessary stress and doubling their confidence in real taste of study. But, today’s non-guaranteed electricity situation, these study lamps will take the load and provide better solutions on above problems. From higher studies students to all categories of students can be benefited with this products which is awarded as “solar firefly”.  People can come out from the fear of power-cut.  Except students overtime/overloaded employees of who wants to complete their assignments at home in night time, these lights will support beyond their imagination. These lights will also support for stress-free working environment for all.

Kissan Torch :- This is another better innovation of solar product, specially manufactured for night security personnel and farmers. The formers can use this product while watering for their crops at field and also feel like someone is accompanying them. Apart from this, it also support to escape from snakes, scorpions and other allied poisoners. This products are manufactured with water resistance facility which can be used while raining also. Home Lighting Kit:- This product is having many lamps, can be used at residential premises. By using this, residents can avoid powerless nights. The product is manufactured with good strength and long lasting capacity. No need to pay any consuming charges.

Head Band:- This product can be wear to forehead which have a belt facility.  This will also fit for your head easily and you can walk normally without any uneasiness. The light will reach for long distance which is having a capacity such as car and motorbikes head lamps. By wearing this lamps you can work easily at night time.

Mosquito Controlling System:- This product is specially manufactured, the colour lighting system will attract the mosquitoes surrounding you.  This will also collect mosquitoes in a box. You can destroy them in away places. Commercial shopkeepers, textiles showrooms and road side businessmen can use this.