How a person will stand as Head of the family, in the same way each and every point connected to Government in public system. Everyone should follow the law, directions and orders of Government without deny. All system and services are connected to Government, to avail that services everyday people should rush towards connected offices and depended to urban places as well. Between this operations rural people are simply wasting their physical and mental strength including valuable time and money. To decrease the same, Desi Skills is offering e-Governance services as complimentary at present through its Gramoddhara Kendras across Karnataka. General public can benefit the valuable services of Government of Karnataka such as “Caste & Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate” and many more.  They can also get RTC’s which is more usable for everybody who have revenue property.  At present we are facilitating with 125+ services of 25 departments. More details can be availed by logging on to our official website.


This is the procedure of revenue department of Karnataka for formers. At present we are distributing i-RTC’s through our Gramoddhara Kendras. In forthcoming days Mutations (MR) will also be distributed, we have been preparing with technical facilities in this manner.