All Government services provided online will be dispensed by our Gramoddhar Kendra’s in all Gram Panchayat’s to enable rural people to benefit from knowledge era.

The Government of Karnataka (GoK) was a pioneer in leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) for better governance and has been at the forefront of implementation of electronic-Governance (e-Governance) initiatives in the country. GoK conceived and implemented a number of e-Governance projects like computerization of land records (Bhoomi) and treasuryoperations (Khajane) much before announcement of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) by

the Government of India (GoI) in May 2016.

In terms of vision, e-Governance Department has focused on the goal of creating a single window delivery mechanism for Government Services to the Citizens of the state. The vision guiding the Department is:“To Enhance and Promote the use of IT in the functioning of the Government in order to make the required information available to all Citizens and to provide all Services in an Efficient and hassle-free manner and identified services on an On-line basis”.


The Department seeks to enable Government to provide “Any Time, Any Where and Any Device” service to citizens.

Desi skills are in talks with EDCS department of Government of Karnataka to provide these services through our Gramoddhar Kendra’s