Desi Skills is associated with all kind of service providers of insurances.  Customers can make use of them under one roof. Under this programme we are facilitating Health, Life, Accident/Vehicle, Agriculture, Travel, Property, Group and Business Insurances and many more.

Present Situation:- The people daily life is became very difficult from movement-to-movement. Along with this he/she has to struggle much to secure their families, properties, maintenance of vehicles in every phase. And also each and every movement they have to be careful for balancing them in very effective and capable manner.   

Financial Conditions:- By considering above, most of the effects will not affect for who have good position in finance. But, the direct effect will happen for financial weaker section and middle class people. People will be depressed mentally and physically while receiving indefinite incidents and accidents.

 Solution and Managing the Situation:- None of the miracle or persons will help when unexpected things taken place. The one-and-only solution for all is “INSURANCE” which will act as emergency exit. People should not worried for any kind of problems who secured with valid insurance. The insurance will help him/her in all kind of difficult circumstances and cause for boost their self-confidence and improve life conditions as well.

Expenditures/Investments:- Normally he/she need not to spend much money to avail insurances.  They can have insurance policies by spending a little part of their earnings under premium mode. The benefit of the insurance is called as “Spend Limited – Avail Unlimited”.

Types of Availing Insurance:- Many of the people are very eager to avail insurances. Due to lack-of-knowledge they are confused where and how to get the same. To reduce and managing the scenario, we, Desi Skills are opened Gramoddhara Kendra at your nearest Grama Pachayath jurisdiction. And we are providing all insurance services at your doorstep.

Different Types of Insurances  Health Insurance: – All types of short and long term insurances in respect of health Vehicle Insurance:- All types of Two & Three Wheelers, Goods Transport Vehicles, Passengers Vehicles, Own Use Vehicles, HGV and allied Insurances.

Crop Insurance:- At this movement, the rain is unseasonable and extravagant environment, in this condition no specificity for crops grew up by the formers.  Now crop insurance is mandate for all kind of crops. We provide insurance for all seasonable crops all over Karnataka.

Cattle Insurance:- For all kind of cows, buffaloes, sheep,  goat and other allied specified animals in respect of commercial reasons also.

Property insurance:- The major losses will cause due to earthquake, fire incidents and other environmental variations.  At this circumstances to compensate the situation, many insurances are available. Apart from above, we are in a position to provide guidelines about market condition, short and long term investment of insurances.