Bharatiya Banking

Bharatiya Banking The most awaited mobile application now its in your mobile play store. After so many restless day-n-night hard work the Bharatiya Banking services are in field very much. Through this technology the bunches of services are available on your fingertip.

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PAN Card Services

This service is declared as a very successful service of Finance department from Government of India. This card will act as ‘heart’ of all types of financial transactions. Specially in all types of loan facilities, heavy cash deposits and transfers the PAN

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Stamp Vending Services

Out of other activities the preparation of document services is also become a part of daily routine in everyone life. As you aware, basic necessity is mandatory for all general public especially for formers, students and businessmen. For this services plenty time, money and visiting to urban areas is

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Business Consultancy

The business is the main stage in human’s daily routine. While comparing his/her other daily transaction business will always stand in top position. If he/she wants start a business, usually they do not have a better information. In this situation we support about business knowledge, capital investment

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Associated with all kind of service providers of insurances. Customers can make use of them under one roof. Under this programme we are facilitating Health, Life, Accident/Vehicle, Agriculture, Travel, Property, Group and Business Insurances and many more.

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We are master franchisee for an all India banking correspondent to provide State Bank of India and bank of Baroda customer service points in all our Gramoddhar Kendra’s. Almost all banking services like deposits, withdrawal’s money transfers, and loan applications will be provided.

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We provide a single stop solution for all types of utility and mobile bill payment’s, recharges in all our Gramoddhar Kendra’s for the benefit of people

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We connect Semi skilled, Skilled and educated youth even in remote Gram Panchayat areas to potential employee.

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All Government services provided online will be dispensed by our Gramoddhar Kendra’s in all Gram Panchayat’s to enable rural people to benefit from knowledge era.

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