Make it more better your financial condition!

Do you have a plan to start good business? Here it is a tremendous opportunity by Desi Skills, which provide loans under the scheme of  ‘SUGRAMA SALA YOJANE’  through jurisdictional Nationalized, Cooperative and Private Banks with nominal attractive interest rates. And also we help you to get good project report which attracts eligibility to avail loans. This is purely depends on your “Survey Report” where the prescribed format is provided by the organization.

Why Loan?

Many well educated Economically Weaker Section persons are keep on haunting for a better position to enter in to the main stream of the society by earning money in smoother manner. But they don’t have financial stability to start the business as well as they don’t know how to enter into loans or other channels of money to start business. In this circumstances the ‘LOAN’ will help them to make their self-confidence high better and financial conditions too. Apart from this they will be free from giant interest rates by local financiers and also the loan will be cleared within the stipulated time line.

 Start your sweet dream’s Desi Skills Gramoddhara Kendra under “SUGRAMA LOAN” scheme

A high percentage of rural youth today find it difficult to get good jobs and starting a business venture is very difficult for them as financing their venture is a big hurdle.

Desi Skills is on a mission to create over 6000 entrepreneurs in Karnataka by providing them with a fantastic opportunity to start Gramodhaara Kendra’s in their Gram Panchayats and earn better than their city counterparts. Also to ensure that the Kendra’s can be started and run efficiently without the burden of having to arrange financing for the venture, Desi Skills has tied up with various financial institutions/co-operative banks for hassle free loan process to eligible candidates.

Desi skills urges you to make use of this once in a life time opportunity for a bright and successful future.


Sl. No. Descriptions Clarifications
01 Name of the Project Gramoddhara Kendra
02 Value of Loan Rs. 1,50,000/- (Rs. One Lakh fifty thousand only) Minimum
03 Mode of Repayment Easy Monthly Instalments (EMI)
04 Duration of Loan Approval 30 working days – after successful registration and submission of relevant documents
05 Name of the banks of loan facilitators Any nearest Nationalized, Cooperative and Private Banks
06 Minimum Qualification 2nd PUC
07 Application Fee Rs. 500/-* (Non Refundable)
08 Maximum number of applicants per Gramoddhara Kendra 10 Members

Eligibility Criteria and Process Calendar

  1. Once registered submission of “Project Report” is mandatory with prescribed format. Desi Skills will assist you in Project Report which subject to your Survey Report qualities
  2. Once it is approved, 1 or 2 persons need to give “SURETY” for your loan which is very mandatory.
  3. Your loan approval is depends on your background and other connected information which is connected to scrutiny by the organization and the respective banks.
  4. No guarantee for who all applied for the loan, it is purely depends on your documents as well as background verification.
  5. The Gramoddhara Kendra will be awarded to 1 person who availed the loan by conducting an interview at Head Office. Interview will be conducted to check your capacity and other connected qualities.
  6. Once the Gramoddhara Kendra is allotted, the registration fee will be refunded to others within 15 working days with prior intimations.
  7. The Management is reserving all rights and permission to award Gramoddhara Kendra. Management decision is always supreme in this regard

Eligibility Criteria for Guarantor who gives Surety for your loan.

  1. Should be having valid ID proof, Address Proof and PAN card.
  2. they are employee of an organization/company/consortium or others, they should be having a monthly salary of not less than Rs. 15,000/- with supportive documents.
  3. If they are self-employed need to produce previous 2 years copies of IT returns.

Details of Loan Value (In Rs.)
Total Amount – Rs. 1,00,000/- (Minimum)

Sl. No. Amount Description Others
01 35,000/-
  1. Bio Metric Device
  2. Computer (i3 Configuration)
  3. UPS (with minimum 4 hours capacity)
  4. Printer (Ink Tank) which includes scanning facility
  5. GST Registration
All are hypothecated to bank which awarded the loan to candidate.
02 40,000/- For all products of Desi Skills (Every week need to send the Purchase
order without fail by processing the pre-payment)
Once the Kendra is awarded the details will be provided in Annexure
03 18,200/– Franchise amount Refundable Subjected to financial exit policy
04 10,000/- + GST =11,800/- Service Charges Non Refundable.
05 25,000/- Interior design
06 5,000/- Processing and Documentation charges of respective bank Will be deducted from the bank itself.
07 10,000/- For the purpose of Bharathiya Banking Will be deposited in to Wallet
08 5,000/- Shares and debentures


-:Special Instructions:-

  1. TAT time has been fixed to open the Kendra and submission of documents, should be completed within the time frame without fail.
  2. Once registration is completed, need to communicate only with SNEHAVANI @ 080-67352356 and avail more details.
  3. If you receive a call from the Organization or Bank, information should be provided without any delay or useless reasons.
  4. If you have any clarifications about Deposit or Money, clarify the same before signing in.
  5. Need to communicate only with registered mobile number which was provided at the time of registration.
  6. The Gramoddhara Kendra shall run under “Franchisee Agreement” which contains the terms and conditions of organization.
  7. The registration shall be done through which is official portal of Desi Skills. If through any other portal, organization is not responsible for any miscreation.
  8. The registration charges shall pay only through Credit/Debit Cards or Online Banking. No other modes are acceptable.
  9. The interest rates are purely as per respective banks norms.